• Teacher and student singing

What is a voice lesson like?

Our voice lessons focus on applying theory into practice. Therefore, a typical singing lesson is divided into two parts: vocal technique and work on music chosen by both teacher and student. Moreover, the lesson is a musical collaboration between you and and your teacher, a positive and dynamic space for you to work on your craft!

Where do I start?

A 30-minute free demo lesson with one of our skilled teachers gives you the possibility to experience how a voice lesson would be with us. In the lesson, you will get a quick look into our technique, talk about musical goals and get more information about the studio.

Book your online demo lesson and start learning.

Do you teach kids?

Yes! We teach students of all ages from all around the United States. Firstly, we recommend starting with 30-minute lessons for young children, due to the natural tenderness of their vocal instrument. In addition, we also teach over the weekend and in the evenings in order to accommodate school schedules.

If I am an amateur, can I still take lessons?

Of course! We aim to give the highest level of voice lessons to students of all backgrounds. Be assured you will get a lot of satisfaction from your vocal growth.

I started with booking my free trial lesson and I loved it. My singing has improved so much since I started working with Naomi. My husband tells me I’m a different singer now!


Easy going and very knowledgeable. I love studying with Naomi. She is a great teacher, I’ve been studying with her for a few years now. Thank you Naomi!


Great experience. Naomi gave me confidence in my technique and now I feel good about auditioning.


This was the best choice for me. I was looking to study voice online with the right teacher for a while. Naomi is attentive and professional. I always feel great after a lesson.


I always think about your breathing exercises before I sing. I do them all the time before I perform. So grateful.